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Educational Project

Offering high-quality training in classical and contemporary ballet through the intervention of various international artists, our intention is to create an environment where artists can come together, exchange ideas and knowledge. Inspired by our experiences, we strive to form a collective that works as a team, developing in harmony, with fairness, while offering the quality working conditions that every dancer needs.

We offer a daily program based on the functioning of professional companies. Among our many goals, we want our artists to experience the stage as much as possible, participate in various and innovative creations, and be prepared for the great challenge of auditions and competitions of their choice through our guidance and support. Our vision is to produce choreographies from the great ballet repertoire, promote new creations, and present them in France and internationally, offering our dancers maximum opportunities for artistic expression.

Performances and demonstrations

Multiple opportunities to perform in front of an audience at different events to gain confidence and stage experience.

International guest teachers and choreographers

Intervention of renowned dance professionals from all over the world to share their knowledge and experience with the artists.

Career guidance

Individual follow-up to help dancers achieve their professional goals, including advice on auditions, castings and career opportunities.

Classical and contemporary repertoire

Learning different répertoire, deepening the interpretation of roles on artistic level as much as technical, ranging from classical to contemporary, in order to broaden the skills of the artists.


Building a professional file (resume/photoshoot/video) to help dancers succeed in the professional dance industry, including understanding the industry, opportunities and job requirements.

Preparation for auditions and competitions

Intensive preparation for dance auditions and competitions, including advice for professional auditions and dance competitions.

Creation of choreographies

Developing skills in creating choreography.

Complimentary disciplines

Practice of complementary disciplines such as yoga and pilates, teaches how to use our bodies consciously, better understand them, align with them, and prevent mental and physical injuries.

Target audience

Confirmed classical and contemporary ballet dancers, age 17 to 23

Training duration

3 months/5 months/8 months

Enrollment periods


Who is this program for?

This program is intended for confirmed classical and contemporary ballet dancers, aged 17 to 23, who wish to gain artistic professional experience and develop the physical and mental skills necessary to pursue their passion. The program takes place from early October to the end of May.

Admission to the program is based on an annual audition, and it is possible to join the program in either October, January, March.


 Accommodation near Albi

Welcome to our haven of peace for artists! Nestled in a fully renovated old farmhouse, our accommodation is surrounded by a peaceful natural setting and offers breathtaking views of a beautiful fruit garden and a swimming pool. We are proud to offer comfortable and affordable rooms for you to rest after a busy day.

81150 Sainte-Croix Tarn

5 double bedrooms – 2 bathrooms – 2 living rooms – 1 big kitchen – 1 outdoor kitchen – 1 swimming pool

150€/mois (charges not included)


Training 3 months


3 months period
  • Starting the training from October to January or from March to June
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Training 5 months


5 months period
  • Starting the training from January to June
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Training 8 months


per season
  • Starting the training from October to June
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A processing fee of €75 is to be expected in addition to the total amount. The training takes place maximum 3 years ( three seasons of 8 months). There is a possibility to take advantage of accommodation offered by ProsArt for a fee of €150/month (shared room with other students of the program in a renovated farmhouse with a private pool).

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